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Blackburn Railway Station Platform Canopy

Blackburn Railway Station Platform Canopy from underneath

View along Barrel Vault at roof level

View on Toroidal canopy at roof level


Blackburn Station Platform Canopy, UK

The redevelopment of the railway station in Blackburn is anticipated to be the catalyst for the regeneration of this great industrial town in North West England. As the main feature of the station, the new glazed platform canopy is a striking modern landmark that provides light and shelter onto the platform beneath.

The main feature of the roof is the toroidal blister over the stairwell. At 39m long, 12m wide and 4m high, the entire structure is constructed from just 80x80 box sections. This enables the maximum amount of light possible to penetrate down into the stairwell and subway beneath. The toroid geometry is constructed from two radii at 90, one large, one small, to produce the complex shape, with just four different curved glazing panels excluding edge panels on the entire toroid.

Smoothly integrated into the back of the toroid is a 34m long, 8m wide barrel vault that provides light down into the ticket hall and waiting areas below. Separating the barrel vault from the toroid is a double arch expansion joint that enables the entire 73m long structure to expand and contract.

The curved laminated glazing panels sit on MERO’s ‘Varioclip’ EPDM gasket directly fixed to the primary steelwork, and are restrained from uplift in the corners with circular glazing disks. Brackets protrude through the flush silicone joints between glazing panels to support the mansafe system down the centre of the canopy

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Project Title:
Station Regeneration Programme - North West
Blackburn Station Glazed Platform Canopy
_ Scope of Works: Glazed toroidal and barrel vault canopy over railway station platform including steelwork, glazing, flashings and mansafe system
_ Cladding Details:

762m (288m barrel vault, 474m toroid) 16.8mm single radius curved laminated float glass.
8m (barrel vault gable end) 16.8mm flat laminated float glass.

_ Steelwork Details: 80x80 SHS fully welded structure
_ Year of Completion: 2001
_ Contract Duration: 6 months
_ Client: Railtrack
M_ERO UK Architect: Austin-Smith:Lord
_ Main Contractor: Norwest-Holst Construction Ltd.

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