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External view of the atrium roof

Aerial View of the Atrium Roof

Internal View of the Atrium Roof

External Close up on Atrium Roof

Full height atrium glazing and MERO raised access floor

Top floor atrium wall, bridge and lift shaft glazing

Atrium wall and bridge glazing with glass floor and overhead glass panels


Lion Plaza, London, UK

In the heart of London’s financial square mile lies an ambitious office redevelopment, Lion Plaza. A brand new 195,000 sq ft office development with 61,000 sq ft leisure and retail space has been built from the ground up behind the renovated historic exterior facades of the listed building.

The atrium roof consists of a toroidal form, sliced into six sides to suit the triangular site plan and the atrium shaft below. Vertical glazed walls around the perimeter of the roof bring the changing height of the roof down to the concrete upstand beneath. Green tinted glass with a screen printed mesh pattern frit make the roof a colourful feature of the city’s skyline, whilst the colour is virtually unnoticeable from within the atrium yet still reaping the shading benefits of the finish during the daily sunshine.

The single layer structure is formed by 80x80 box sections with diagonal bracing provided by 60x60 box sections, which keeps the structure to a minimum and the light transmittance to a maximum. The insulated glass units sit directly on the primary steelwork via MERO’s ‘Varioclip’ primary glazing gasket, and are restrained from uplift in each corner through a circular patch fitting.

MERO drew heavily on its computer modelling expertise throughout the project, from producing early visuals, through to the carrying out of sunlight studies during the design development stage of the contract, and then to full 3D modelling of the roof during the fabrication drawing stage. This ensured that all of the components of the roof fitted together perfectly when it was erected on site.

MERO also provided the glazed atrium walls to the building, in the same six sided shape on plan as the atrium roof above. Featuring full height glazing panels of almost 4m, each pane spans from top to bottom with no vertical support steelwork, and features flush silicone joints and a stainless steel handrail that is point fix supported by the glass. Each horizontal support beam of architectural stainless steelwork incorporates an LED lighting system behind a feature grille that bathes the atrium shaft in blue accent lighting.

At each level, a bridge crosses from one side of the atrium to the other to provide access to the panoramic glass lifts that run up the centre of the atrium. MERO’s atrium wall glazing extends out along the bridges and around the lift entrances. This required some complex elliptical and shaped cut-outs in the glass panes where the structural steelwork to the bridges and lifts penetrate through them. Single backlit panes of glass are point fixed to the structural steelwork overhead, and backlit glass floors to the walkways provide architectural lighting features.

During the fit out process, over 7000m of MERO Raised Access Floor system was installed throughout the offices.

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_ _
Project Title:
Lion Plaza, Threadneedle Street, London, UK
Atrium Glass Roof Package TP009
Atrium Glass Walls Package TP018
_ Scope of Works: Roof: Design and analysis, manufacture and installation of structural steelwork, glazing, flashings, silicone pointing and fall arrest system.
Walls: Design, manufacture and installation of architectural steelwork, glazing, silicone pointing, stainless steel handrails and fall arrest system to atrium perimeter and link bridges.
_ Cladding Details:

Roof: 374m Insulating glass units comprising outer 10mm heat strengthened green body tinted float glass with screen printed mesh frit (62% RAL9010) and low-e coating + 16mm air cavity + inner 8.4mm laminated clear float.
Walls: 2,222m single glazed panes. Mixture of 15mm clear heat soak toughened panes and 18mm laminated panes (10mm heat soak toughened float, 1.75mm pvb interlayer, 6mm heat soak strengthened float) .

_ Steelwork Details: Roof: 7.7t grade S355 steelwork painted RAL9001, 120x80 RHS columns, 80x80 facetted rafters, 60x60 SHS roof diagonals
Walls: Architectural stainless steel
_ Year of Completion: 2003 (roof) 2004 (walls)
_ Contract Duration: 22 months
_ Client: Lion Heart Properties
M_ERO UK Architect: The Halpern Partnership
_ Main Contractor: CPC / Peter Brett Associates

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