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_450 South Oak Way, Green Park, Reading

"MERO-SCHMIDLIN were very professional, both samples and drawings were on time and very comprehensive. They were very fastidious with the details, saw off potential discrepancies long before they became problems and it felt like they really cared about the project and its outcomes"
Julie Heron, Project Architect, Barr Gazetas Architects

As part of the 450 South Oak Way project, Mero-Schmidlin carried out both demolition works andinstallation of new works to the existing office building in Green Park. The first phase of our works required the removal of large sections of existing curtain walling system to the main external north elevation, and to sections of the internal atrium.

Green Park, Reading.Green Park, Reading.

External new works:

  • New curtain walling (schuco system) is to be installed to a two storey cantilevered extension to the north elevation of the building, which includes a glazed balustrade to the terrace level. The glazing panels are low iron glass, with fritted glass spandrel panels at slab level with bonded insulated panels behind.
  • Double doors opening out onto the high level terrace installed within an existing curtain walling screen.
  • A new glazed entrance screen located below the north extension with a disabled access pass door and anodised aluminium rainscreen cladding either side of the entrance.
  • A suspended soffit formed from anodised aluminium panels, sloping down to the entrance screen supported from a hook-on system with hidden fixings.

Green Park

Internal new works:

  • Two strips of curtain walling the height of four floors installed either side of the internal atrium, that include access via a single door to new walkways installed to four floors.
  • To the outer edge of each walkway runs a curved balustrade with cold bent glass units installed within a steel channel bracketed back to structural steelwork. Along the curved balustrade runs a stainless steel handrail.
  • Either side of the new main entrance screen internally are laminated glazing panels with a white interlayer and aluminium cladding supported from a bespoke hook on system.
  • Glazed screens to lift lobbies for five floors.
  • Large free-standing bike shed, formed from structural steelwork, with timber cladding, standing seam roof and aluminium soffit.

Grren Park Reading

450 south oak way

Additional works include the re-painting of all the bullnose transom cover caps around the whole of the existing building.
The main challenge for this project from a design point of view has been the requirement to match new elements of work with the same existing elements on the building. We have had to source numerous samples from various suppliers to match items such as perforated aluminium spandrel panels, glazing units or doors 12+ years old. In additional, designing the new elements of work to fit and align with the existing elements, was also a big challenge, and required a large amount of surveying and survey data analysis to size and accurately locate the new elements of work.

South Oak Way Reading


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